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NiftyDesk is the most comprehensive and feature-rich Support

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Happy customers = word of mouth marketing = increase in sales

“Providing our customers with world-class fast support has taken our business to where it is today.

Providing world-class support requires a world-class support product...” - Nick Duncan, WP Google Maps

NiftyDesk feature - Add unlimited agents

Unlimited Agents

Add as many agents as you need - There's no limit

NiftyDesk feature - Data Channels

Email conversion

Convert emails from multiple accounts into support tickets

NiftyDesk feature - Track Support Tickets


Review support reports and identify how you can improve customer satisfaction

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NiftyDesk is packed with features

Unlimited Agents

Unlimited Agents

Add as many agents as you need - there's no limit
Multiple Data Channels

Multiple Data Channels

Import tickets from multiple email accounts
Customizable help desk

Customize your Support Desk

Customize your front end help desk
Customer Loyalty

Customer Satisfaction

Built in customer satisfaction rating functionality
Ticket scheduling

Ticket Scheduling

Schedule which agents get tickets at certain times
Front end themes

Front end themes

Change the way your help desk looks with our front end help desk themes
Documentation Feature

Documentation System

NiftyDesk inlcudes a documentation, updates and news system

Review Advanced Reporting

Measure support ticket count, first response time and more

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Respond to your support tickets on the go, anywhere, anytime with our Mobile App

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Modernly designed to accommodate user needs on a single dashboard view

NiftyDesk enables you to prioritise your support tickets according to their priority, last update, level of

difficulty and agent scope.

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The story of NiftyDesk

As international development company, CodeCabin_ upholds values of client care and customer satisfaction. We know that our existence is owing to our incredibly loyal customers and their continued support; we continuously endeavor to find ways in which to thank them! One such practice is ensuring that our team provides constant and immediate customer support.

On this journey we committed to undertake, however, we realized the need for a properly integrated Support Desk for WordPress, for both our products and yours! Our team actively spent many hours and many months creating this system - a beautiful, clean and simple support desk solution named NiftyDesk!
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