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WordPress Mail

This is the default option when installing Nifty Desk. This method uses the default WordPress Mail system and requires less setup than the Custom SMTP settings options.

This option may be found under ‘Nifty Desk’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Email’ tab

Custom SMTP Settings

This option allows users to send emails from an external server that may be hosted elsewhere, such as your Gmail account.

  • Host URL – the host URL will be the SMTP (outgoing server) URL for that specific email address. Here are some SMTP URL’s for popular hosting services:
    • Gmail –
    • Yahoo –
    • Hotmail –
    • –
  • Username – your email address which you would like to send emails from. (i.e.
  • Password – your password for the email address.
  • Port Number – the default port number for SMTP servers are 25, should you experience issues sending you may try an alternative port of 587.
  • Encryption – this will vary depending on your hosting environment. We recommend using SSL when possible, if you are experiencing issues when sending emails you may need to set your encryption to ‘none’ or ‘TLS’

If you are still experiencing issues, please feel free to open a ticket with our support desk to assist you further.

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