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Assigning/transferring a ticket to an agent

There are two ways to assign tickets to agents in Nifty Desk.

1. Assigning multiple tickets to an agent:

In your Nifty Desk dashboard, you are able to select multiple tickets. Once selected the tickets you would like to assign/transfer to an agent a drop down will appear above the upper right hand corner of the tickets table. Select “Assign” > Select the agent you would like to assign the tickets to and click “Apply”.

These tickets will now belong to the chat agent you selected.


2. Assigning single ticket to an agent:

In Nifty Desk you are able to assign/transfer an individual ticket to an agent from within a ticket. If you are transferring a ticket to another agent in your support team, simply select “Assigne Agent” and select the agent you would like to assign this ticket to.

Please note that when transferring tickets, the ticket status will remain, we highly recommend setting the ticket status to ‘Open’ when transferring tickets to an agent.

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